Blogg: Byåsenjentene #18 Helena Rut Örvarsdottir

Her er vår fredagsblogg om Byåsenjentene. God fornøyelse og god helg!

Skrevet av Byåsen Håndball Elite

Why move to Norway?


So, for you who have no idea who I am, I´ll start this with a little introduction of myself. My name is Helena Rut Örvarsdóttir, I´m 23 years old and born in 1994 like many of the girls on the team. And a fun fact, my birthday is 17th of May so maybe it´s just meant to be that I moved to Norway. In the beginning of August I moved from Iceland to Norway. It is a pretty big step moving from your family, to live alone in a new country. So I´m going to try to answer the question why I decided to move to Norway.


When Byåsen contacted me I was pretty sure I wanted to play one more year in Iceland, but my goal was always to try to play somewhere else. So I decided to take a visit and see what it would be like to live in Trondheim. When I came to visit the team, everything looked very good and professional. My first impression of Byåsen and Trondheim was better than what I had expected. The girls where so nice, the city charmed me and the environment and conditions where on top level. So when I came back home I thought that this would be a to good opportunity to let go. So after my visit, there was no going back and here I am. It has been a challenge, but I have enjoyed the time I have been here and learned a lot. I´m not saying it hasn’t been hard, but I like a good challenge. I´m starting to understand a lot in Norwegian and hopefully I´ll find the courage to start to speak a little bit. Everything takes time and I´m trying to be patient and hopefully it will all come.